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“There are cornerstone data points required to make informed decisions on acquisitions and dispositions, lending, and valuations. The addition of CompStak’s [granular data and timely information] within the Trepp suite provides analyst-reviewed transaction details at a critical time in commercial real estate.”

Steve Baumgartner, Chief Innovation Officer at Trepp

CompStak & Trepp Integration for the CMBS & Loan Community

Get a holistic view of the NOI that underlies the bonds by combining the power of Trepp and CompStak’s data.

CompStak + Trepp Integration Benefits

  • Streamline your research workflow by viewing CompStak’s lease level data within Trepp’s platform
  • Understand current occupancy and tenant mix of subject properties beyond securitization, including upcoming rollover, lease expiration dates, and historical tenants
  • Calculate CompStak’s rent roll to project NOI and cross-reference debt schedule using data fields such as actual starting rent, net effective rent, free rent, TI’s and lease term
  • Track market and submarket asset averages of comparable properties

Additional Benefits Available to the CompStak Enterprise Clients

  • Access granular property and space-level lease and sales comp data nationwide
  • Run real-time, customizable market intelligence analyses to compare trends in starting rents, effective rents, TI, concessions, and term
  • View heat maps detailing market rents, lease expirations, asset class, and tenant industries
  • Leverage AI-generated competitive sets for assets

Nationwide Coverage


Comps Received




Lease SqFt

Heat Map Analytics

See lease expiration density in any US market. Track how lease expirations change over six-month intervals — either by lease count or square feet.

CompStak for CMBS

CompStak provides CMBS professionals with access to real time performance data. Drive better investment decisions by using CompStak data to answer questions such as:

CompStak provides CMBS professionals with access to real-time lease performance data to answer these questions and drive better investment decisions.

Our CMBS clients use CompStak data to:

  • Cross-check current balance sheet holdings to assess risk of current bank loans
  • Prepare for the shift to current expected credit losses (CECL) accounting by understanding revenue loss from expiring leases
  • Analyze recessionary trends, including how the 2008-2010 economic downturn affected rent and concessions
  • Determine the risk exposure of surrounding assets by identifying the size of upcoming lease expirations
  • Assess the makeup of the tenants within a building set