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In the 10 biggest New York office deals of 2022, tenants got 7% of the lease term rent-free, compared with 3% in 2019, according to CompStak.

The Wall Street Journal

Of the five areas measured, Class A 2023 average effective rents were higher than Class B/C in all cases, according to data from CompStak.


CompStak’s more than 35,000 members deliver authenticated data encompassing all of the U.S. for CRE professionals that include appraisers, brokers and investors.


The banks’ troubles could add hundreds of thousands of square feet to markets already struggling with high vacancies, according to a report from CompStak that tracked the banks’ office footprints.

Commercial Observer

In 2021, tech firms represented 6.5 percent of South Florida office deals, and 11 percent of office square footage leased, according to CompStak.

The Real Deal

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as most everyone knows. You have to pay for what you want. In the office leasing work, That is apparently also true according to a CompStak analysis of lease transaction data, as the cost of concessions is going up.

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