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Video Transcript

Take a look inside any office building with CompStak Prospect.

Do you struggle to find new companies to sell into? Do you find it difficult to research your targeted accounts to customize your sales pitch? Worry no more. 

CompStak Prospect helps you to get an inside look at any commercial building. You can see a complete property record, the list of companies that rent space there, and more importantly, the tenant flow.

Let’s see how to research a building with CompStak Prospect. 

Imagine you want to research a One Liberty Plaza building address in New York City. Just type in the address and you will get a full property report. Here are the details that matter. You can now see what companies are located on each one of the building’s fifty-four floors. You just open yourself up to potential leads you might not have known existed. This means more opportunities. For example, this property was built in 1972 and renovated in 2007. Now, this info might come in handy if you sell building optimization services, furniture, or interior design. 

There is more you can find out. 

What about the tenant companies that rent space in this building? Here we have one retail transaction recorded at this address and eighty-seven office transactions. By the way, these listed eighty-seven office deals doesn’t mean that all of them are currently active. This could have been an issue if you were prospecting blindly using stale email addresses. Let’s see the list of tenants that are in the building now. You can use the expiration date filter to show active leases. There you go! The number on the top right shows thirty-one active tenants in this building.

Now, let’s suppose that you rely on office relocation data to prospect because you sell, for example, moving services. You will want to know how many of these tenant companies will move out soon. Let’s set our lease end date to November 5th, 2021. See, as many as seven spaces might become vacant by then. We have a media company, a financial services company, and a software company. Does any of these fit your ideal customer profile? 

One important thing—our database gets updated daily, which means, no inaccurate or obsolete leads. If you want to monitor this building and receive notifications whenever a new company is scheduled to move in, you can set up a deal alert. Just save your search parameters—or add new ones. 

As soon as a new deal gets signed from this building, be it a new company moving in or an existing company expanding, you will receive a notification in your inbox. 

Want to see the CompStak Prospect platform in action? Sign up for a free 48-hour trial and start researching commercial buildings and companies today!