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Video Transcript

How to use CompStak Prospect to filter the right leads?

… Especially, if your company provides services in telecom, ISP, building optimization, employee benefits, insurance, commercial moving, cleaning, and furniture, or any such similar industries.

Do you know what is the biggest challenge for most of the sales professionals? You may reply, it’s prospecting. I agree.

But wait! There is a catch. Getting a list of leads is easy. The real challenge is how do you filter the list further, so that, you don’t waste weeks and months chasing those prospects, who have zero intention of buying.

I will show you how CompStak Prospect can help find the right leads at the right time.

The first step:

This is your “set sales territory”. Now, here is a map view of the New York City market. Here, the blue dots represent “lease comparables” or “lease comps” for short. These are deals that have been signed for commercial spaces, such as office, retail, or industrial, in building properties.

For CRE folks, these are tenants. But for you, you can think of them as a list of businesses that are potential B2B leads.

The next step is to refine this list using the appropriate filters. Go to the left side. Click on the “More filters” option, and search for “Execution date”. Execution Date is the official date when a lease agreement is signed between the landlord and the tenant. Here, you can set the criteria to display deals in the last two years, one year, or six months. Or, you can use any custom date range. For now, select 1 year.

Let’s refine the leases. Here is the list of all the potential leads that fit your criteria. Notice the commencement date column in the list. It shows you the date when a new tenant will actually move in. Now, this is very important, and let’s understand why it’s important.

So imagine you’re in August, and here is a company that will move in November. They will need your services. Now is the time to approach them, and not later. If a tenant is moving in within a week, it might be too late to approach them.

You can narrow down your list even further to match the criteria with your “ideal customer profile” or ICP for short. You can filter the lead list by tenant industry, revenue, employee count, and more. You can even use the “Space Type” filter to focus on office companies instead of industrial or retail tenants.

And did I tell you, you can also set email alerts to get new and relevant leads in your inbox?

Our databases get updated daily. So when you set up saved searches email alerts, you get those leads as soon as new deals get added.

Check out other videos to see how to use our advanced firmographics. Or, how to pull a similar list of commercial tenants who will be moving out soon.

Now, there’s a lot more you can do with CompStak Prospect to target your accounts better and improve your conversion rate.