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Video Transcript

Whether you’re a CRE investor, lender, or appraiser, understanding market trends is crucial for making business decisions.

Using CompStak’s Analytics suite, you can:

Enhance your decision-making process
Get familiar with new markets
And uncover new investment opportunities
Let’s look at the Bay Area market.

The Market dashboard provides insight on current and historic trends – averages, starting rent charts, market rent heat map, lease expirations by property type & submarket, and more.

Get market overview or detailed insights by applying filters – Choose your charts and export directly from the dashboard for client pitches and presentations.

Now let’s move to Compstak Map Analytics. You can analyze specific areas right down to the block level. Access insights on market rents, lease expirations, space type, and tenant industry.

Let’s check the market rent for office spaces…

…instantly you see how different areas vary in price.

Review lease expirations for properties within a certain timeframe.

Understand surrounding business types and specific industry areas with the space types tool.

Lastly, view tenant industry concentrations in your submarket. Zoom out for a broader perspective of the largest tenant industries in your market.

Now let’s put Chart Builder into action:

Search a property address, say, 777 Mariners Island Boulevard.

Under detailed property info, you see recent sales activity, office and retail leases, the competitive set, market starting rents for similar buildings, and more.

Next, check your space’s performance against the competitive building set, submarket, or market.

Click “Send to Analytics”, title your data set. And there you go!

CompStak chart builder lets you compare your search against any custom set of filters.

Now, click “add data set” to add metrics for other markets or submarkets…
…compare your building of interest in the same chart.

Monitor performance over time, change moving averages, and check starting rent averages.

You can export your charts to Excel or save them as images.

Within a few minutes, you have analyzed this building and how it compares to similar properties.

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