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Video Transcript

CompStak Exchange—your one-stop analysis tool for appraisal reports.

As a commercial real estate appraiser, you spend a lot of time looking for accurate comp data. You pay for a costly database, with largely incomplete and inaccurate information. You wait for your colleagues to call you back with the information you asked for. And at times, you go through unorganized industry publications and public records. You spend time and money, and still end up compromising on data quality.

Why compromise when CompStak Exchange is here! Imagine getting all the data you need for appraisals and other valuation work in a few clicks and not having to pay for it!

Commercial real estate brokers and appraisers, trade comps on CompStak Exchange, and in exchange, they get access to the comps they need. Comps are submitted several times and are validated by our team of analysts. This means, our database is updated daily and is reliable.

Here is what the CompStak Exchange database looks like in the New York City market:

We have over 50 thousand lease comps, over 50 thousand sales comps, and nearly 80 thousand commercial properties available here.

Imagine you are writing an appraisal report for an office building on Sixth Avenue. And for that, you wish to look at office comps in this submarket. Let’s see how you can do that on our platform:

First, we pick a submarket. In our case, it’s Sixth Avenue. We will then set the space type as an office, and the execution date as one year.

By the way, CompStak filters allow you to choose many criteria: for example, transaction type, starting rent range, lease term, tenant industry, and much more.

Now, let’s see that filtered list:

Here, you can even see the average starting rent or average lease term for similar spaces. Let’s say we are interested in this particular comp at 1177 Avenue of the Americas. We click on that.

What we see here is:

Forty-eight of our members have confirmed the same deal. All key dates along with the effective rent, concession data, and other details are mentioned here. And, if you find this comp relevant, you can export it for your valuation report. It doesn’t end here.

You can go to this property’s report and dig even deeper. Look at the other comps in the property such as sales history, rent trends, and how competitive space is performing.

Just to summarize:

Our platform is free for brokers and appraisers.
It has crowdsourced data from verified active professionals, and that ensures accuracy.
It’s easy to use custom filters and pull recent office comps for appraisals.
CompStak saves you time. It allows you to write more appraisal reports faster – while using the highest data quality possible.

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