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We’re excited to announce CompStak’s data is now available on Snowflake Marketplace! This partnership with Snowflake aims to provide CRE professionals access to a sample of CompStak’s data through Snowflake.

This sample dataset provides an array of office, retail, and industrial data points, curated to cater to diverse use cases within the CRE landscape. CompStak’s data is collected straight from the source: a network of trusted 35,000 brokers, appraisers, and researchers who trade comps daily, submitting the comps they have to get the comp they need. Each comp undergoes a thorough verification process including machine learning algorithms designed to remove data anomalies and internal review from our experienced team of real estate analysts. Learn more about CompStak’s data verification process here.

From market lease and property information to landlord portfolio analysis, this dataset serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking a preview into CompStak’s accurate and granular data. For example, one of the key use cases is the seamless integration of lease and property data. By joining leases and properties together, users can gain comprehensive insights into various aspects of CRE transactions, including true rental rates, lease terms, property attributes, and more. Through this dataset, you can also gain actionable insights into rent trends and portfolio performance. By calculating average rents across a landlord’s portfolio, users can assess portfolio composition, identify market trends, and optimize investment strategies.

While this data sample provides a small glimpse into CompStak’s capabilities, a full access to CompStak would allow you to:

  • Build better, data-driven investment strategies with complete and granular lease and sale comps which include: Net Effective Rent, Free Rent, Tenant Improvements, Lease Expiration Dates, and much more.
  • Assess your risk more accurately with reliable CRE data and proactively keep track of potential investment opportunities.
  • Evaluate your true portfolio health using complete lease, sale, property and loan information.
  • Use CompStak’s extensive CRE database to stay up-to-date with trends and spot opportunities and threats ahead of the market.

Whether you’re a broker, investor, developer, or lender, CompStak empowers you to make data-driven decisions and unlock new opportunities in the dynamic CRE market.