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In this episode of the Fully Occupied podcast, Matt Giffune, co-founder of Occupier, and Michael Mandel, CEO and co-founder of CompStak dive into the critical role of transparency in the sharing of commercial real estate data. 

Michael emphasizes the significance of accurate and accessible data in fostering trust, enabling informed decision-making, and driving market efficiency within the industry. The episode highlights the potential of data transparency in revolutionizing the commercial real estate sector, promoting growth, and fueling innovation.

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CompStak is a Data Company at its Core

We take pride in our collaborations with remarkable firms to offer a diverse range of insights through our platform. However, what truly sets us apart is our exclusive access to unparalleled data.  Above all, we empower our users and customers by providing them with this granular data, allowing them to explore it as they see fit. They can generate their own insights, conduct thorough analyses, and extract meaningful interpretations.

Over the past 11 years, CompStak has experienced remarkable growth under Michael’s leadership. We have expanded our data coverage nationwide, branching out from solely focusing on office data to encompassing industrial, retail, and multifamily sectors through our integration with RealPage. Additionally, we have incorporated sales comp data alongside lease data into our platform. To facilitate seamless data exploration, we have developed an analytics platform that sits atop this extensive dataset, enabling users to create charts and compare data sets across the platform. We’ve built API data products that seamlessly integrate with our partners and customers. Amidst this growth, CompStak remains unwavering in its mission to foster transparency within the commercial real estate industry. At the end of the day, CompStak’s core product is our data.

As the market changes, will we see major shifts happen to CompStak?

Data plays a vital role not only in prosperous markets but also in downturns, if not more so. Irrespective of market conditions, access to data is an essential need.The most challenging phase arises during the transition from a thriving market to a downturn when uncertainty prevails. Yet, it is during these periods that new opportunities emerge, and it is those who adapt to the changing environment who seize them.

The Future of CompStak is Bright

Looking ahead, the future of CompStak is incredibly promising. Markets are dynamic, and to thrive, we must remain agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our customers. CompStak eagerly anticipates forging new partnerships, cultivating existing collaborations, and further advancing our platform. Michael affirms that CompStak, as a whole, is fully prepared and enthusiastic about taking further steps to solidify its position as the leader in commercial real estate data.

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Fun Facts: Did You Know This About Michael…

  1. Q: Being from Philly and moving to NYC, are you loyal to Philly sport teams?
    • A: I’m 100% loyal to Philly teams. I’m a big Philly sports fan, particularly a big Eagles fan.
  2. Q: Cheesesteak vs. NYC slice?
    • A: I’m Kosher so I haven’t had a cheesesteak, so I’m going to have to go with NYC pizza.
  3. Q: Best pizza spot?
    • A: I’m from Hoboken, NJ. There’s some very good pizza in Hoboken, and lately I’ve been doing Hot House pizza. It’s a great little spot. In NYC, I’ll go with Di Fara, it’s incredible.
  4. Q: If you could share a pie with anyone, who would it be?
    • A: I only really got to know two of my grandparents, so the other two I didn’t get to know would be really nice.

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