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In a CompStak webinar, industry experts from Bowery Valuation and Capright explored the evolving landscape of real estate technology, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities faced by appraisers and professionals. From data collection to compliance, Devin Shields-Mas, Director of Business Development at CompStak, Brandon Gollotti, Managing Director at Bowery Valuation, and Taylor Green, Principal at Capright, delved into the critical aspects transforming the way business is conducted in the real estate realm.

Watch the webinar recap here and check out the key takeaways below.

Efficiency Through Technology

Our industry leaders emphasized the transformative power of technology in enhancing efficiency. Whether through AI-powered tools or data-driven platforms like CompStak, the focus was on streamlining processes to save valuable time in data collection and analysis.

Adapting to Market Trends

Devin, Brandon, and Taylor highlighted the dynamic nature of the real estate market and the need for adaptability. Technologies like CompStak enable professionals to stay ahead by accessing a wealth of information, creating a valuable resource for appraisers and brokers navigating an ever-changing market.

The Role of Tech in Data Collection

A significant portion of our discussion centered around the challenges of data collection and how technology can be leveraged to address them. From automated data extraction tools to AI-generated narratives, the aim is to make the process smoother, enabling appraisers to focus on more value-driven activities.

Enhancing Client Service

Our experts also offered insights into the intersection of technology and client service. The consensus was that tech-driven efficiencies free up time for appraisers to build stronger client relationships, understand client needs better, and tailor appraisal reports accordingly.

Balancing Tech and Appraiser Skills

The panel emphasized the evolving skill set required in the industry. While coding skills may not be mandatory, a fundamental understanding of technology and its application is becoming increasingly valuable. The goal is to complement traditional appraisal skills with tech proficiency to unlock new levels of productivity.

As the real estate industry continues to embrace technological advancements, the key takeaway from this webinar is the transformative role tech plays in reshaping traditional processes. By navigating the delicate balance between efficiency, client service, and confidentiality, real estate professionals can thrive in an environment where adaptability and technological proficiency are paramount.

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