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Uncover key market trends

Compare leasing trends among tenants, industries, competitive sets, submarkets, and markets across the US.

Customize your analysis

Build new data sets, filter existing data sets, or utilize saved searches to reveal insights relevant to your business goals.

Share reports and insights

Download your charts as JPEG or PNG images to include in reports or import data into Excel for further analysis.

Map-based analysis

Assess market rent, space type, and tenant industry concentrations via customizable heat maps. Review historical and future lease expirations with time-lapse visualizations.

Trend Analysis

Isolate any group of leases, properties, or submarkets nationwide and build charts to monitor their performance along critical metrics over 1-, 3-, 5-, 10- and 15-year periods.

Uncover key insights for important investment and underwriting goals.

Project-Based Analysis

Create project folders to organize your charts. Find your final charts and export them for further analysis.

Share projects based on your team’s portfolio assets to track performance and collaborate on deals.

Project folders in the CompStak Analytics platform

Save and Export

Save your charts to project folders to find and edit your charts later.

Export your charts as images to incorporate into your reports or copy the data to Excel.

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